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Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight 818.0
Monoisotopic Mass 817.42753051
Polar Area 256
XLogP 2.5
Heavy Atom Count 60
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count 9
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count 8
Rotatable Bond Count 21
Physical Appearance Fine White Lyophilized Powder
StabilityLyophilized protein is to be stored at -20°C. It is recommended to aliquot the reconstituted (dissolved) protein into several discrete vials in order to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Reconstituted protein can be stored at 4°C
PubChem LCSS

GHRP-2 Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary


InChIInChI=1S/C45H55N9O6/c1-27(47)41(56)52-38(24-30-19-20-31-14-6-7-15-32(31)22-30)43(58)50-28(2)42(57)53-39(25-33-26-49-35-17-9-8-16-34(33)35)45(60)54-37(23-29-12-4-3-5-13-29)44(59)51-36(40(48)55)18-10-11-21-46/h3-9, 12-17, 19-20, 22, 26-28, 36-39, 49H, 10-11, 18, 21, 23-25, 46-47H2, 1-2H3, (H2, 48, 55)(H, 50, 58)(H, 51, 59)(H, 52, 56)(H, 53, 57)(H, 54, 60)/t27-, 28+, 36+, 37-, 38-, 39+/m1/s1
Isomeric SMILES C[C@H](C(=O)N[C@H](CC1=CC2=CC=CC=C2C=C1)C(=O)N[C@@H](C)C(=O)N[C@@H](CC3=CNC4=CC=CC=C43)C(=O)N[C@H](CC5=CC=CC=C5)C(=O)N[C@@H](CCCCN)C(=O)N)N
IUPAC Name (2S)-6-amino-2-[[(2R)-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2R)-2-[[(2R)-2-aminopropanoyl]amino]-3-naphthalen-2-ylpropanoyl]amino]propanoyl]amino]-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)propanoyl]amino]-3-phenylpropanoyl]amino]hexanamide


NuScience Peptides sells research products only, they are not for human consumption.

Description – GHRP-2

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2 (GHRP-2) is a synthetic, 6-amino acid sequence, which is analogous to the naturally occurring protein met-enkephalin1. GHRP-2 has been shown to be an agonist of ghrelin2, which binds strongly with the growth hormone (GH) secretagogue receptor (ghrelin receptor), stimulating potent GH secretion and appetite stimulation in animal test subjects3.GHRP-2 is known to be a non-lipogenic protein4, meaning that its administration does not induce fat storage. The promotion of lean body mass and improved appetite has been observed in laboratory test animals.

Product Comparison

GHRP-2, a second-generation GHRP species, is celebrated as a stimulator of long-sustained GH release (unlike first generation GHRP’s like GHRP-6) and has been shown to increase IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1) levels simultaneously5. GHRP-2 is considered to be a ‘true’ GH secretagogue, reflecting its ability to stimulate the natural, body-mediated production of GH rather than introducing exogenous, synthetic agents to a physiological system. It is closely related to GHRP-6, a hexapeptide of an earlier generation, and shares many similar characteristics.

However, it has a stronger growth hormone-releasing action than GHRP-6 based on a study on cultured pituitary cells in animal test subjects, which showed a 10-fold increase in GH secretion. Consequently, GHRP-2 has been shown to increase growth hormone levels and enhances growth performance in animal test subjects.

The GHRP Family

The GHRP family of proteins is distinct from growth hormone releasing hormones (GHRH or GHRF) in that they share no sequence relation and derive their function through action at a completely different receptor, the ghrelin receptor6. The GHRP family is unique in that they lack opiate activity, though they are analogues of species that bear this quality7.

NuScience Peptides sells research products only, they are not for human consumption.


Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2; GHRP2; GHRP 2; GHRP-2; Pracrin; Pralmorelin; KP 1;

Peer-Reviewed Sources:

  1. McDowell RS, Elias KA, Stanley MS, Burdick DJ, Burnier JP, Chan KS, Fairbrother WJ, Hammonds RG, Ingle GS, Jacobsen NE (1995). Growth hormone secretagogues: characterization, efficacy, and minimal bioactive conformation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 92:11165-11169.
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